Welcome Players, Coaches, Guests!

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines, to Brent International School Manila, and to the fifteenth annual Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Softball Championships! Brent last hosted this event in 2012, and six years later we are pleased to welcome you and honored to again be hosting Softball players from around Asia. We appreciate the positive impact APAC events have on the host school. So, thank you all for joining us and bringing your positive and competitive spirits.

For over twenty years APAC tournaments, meets, championships and festivals have brought out the best in our schools. Your participation makes you part of an important history and creates a legacy that is passed down to younger students who look forward to participating in future APAC events. During your stay we promise to be supportive, interested, and enthusiastic hosts, and we know you will enjoy our school’s involvement. We salute APAC and the positive contributions the organization has made to each of the participants and to our schools.

Like you, we have been working very hard to make sure this important event lives up to all of our expectations. Many people have contributed countless hours to the success of this tournament. We offer our sincere thanks for their behind-the-scenes support, without which this event would never have been possible.

We hope also that while you are in our country, you will have an opportunity to experience the warmth and friendliness of the Filipino people. Our students, faculty, and staff look forward to assisting you and making your visit to our country and to our school enjoyable and memorable.

Again, welcome, and best wishes for a successful softball tournament! We look forward to following the results of your hard work. Let the games begin!


Dick Robbins

President / CEO


Jason Atkins



Kathy Ong

Director for Student Activities


Sonia Bustamante

Upper School Principal