Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines and to Brent International School Manila. We are extremely pleased to be hosting the 8th annual Asia Pacific Activities Conference Dance Festival. Thank you for taking the time to join us for this exciting and much-anticipated event.

The Activities Office team, host families, support staff, and, of course, our dancers and instructors, have dedicated many hours of their time to make APAC Dance possible. A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes at events such as these, and we would like to give a heartfelt “maraming salamat po” for the efforts of everyone involved. Thank you very much!

APAC events create many positive opportunities to learn, reflect, and grow. These next few days will provide students with a chance not only to gain new skills as dancers but also to meet new people, thus expanding their understanding of themselves as well as those with whom they meet and interact. We look forward to seeing these dance students display their artistic development and creativity through this year’s theme: Breaking Boundaries.

The Filipino people are known around the world for their warmth and hospitality. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Philippines and experience the incredible culture it has to offer. Our students, faculty, and staff look forward to assisting you whenever possible and making your visit to our country and school enjoyable and memorable.


Dick Robbins

President / CEO


Jason Atkins



Kathy Ong

Director for Student Activities


Sonia Bustamante

Upper School Principal