Participants and School Performance Descriptions

Canadian Academy

The Canadian Academy APAC performance focuses on the student's journey of discovery over the last three years. As an ensemble, we began by sharing many of the thoughts, feelings and memories we had and came to a realization that we have all changed. We have changed in the way that we know ourselves and how we communicate with others. Despite being pulled apart by a global pandemic we were able to find ways to connect. We found that our need for connection ebbed and flowed as we drew back together as a community. I would like to thank all of the APAC Theater students for being vulnerable and willing to share their authentic thoughts and experiences to create this performance. We hope the audience seizes the opportunity to connect to their own pandemic journey and to identify their own personal discoveries and the deep connections they made.

Hong Kong International School

HKIS Dragon Theatre Students reveal their experiences, good and bad, about their trip through the Covid 19 Pandemic. Their lives before, during, after and what the future holds for them. Through the use of spoken word, movement and tableaux, the students communicate their experiences to the audience, grateful to be in front of an audience, once again!

Seoul Foreign School

Seoul Foreign School ‘s APAC Theatre Troupe proudly presented “Please Tell My Mother” , a student devised piece inspired by the news that Russian soldiers have removed @ 13,000 Ukrainian children from their homeland and taken them into Russia. Such actions are counter to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child of which Russia is a signatory. Article 11 states that governments must do everything they can to stop children being taken out of their own country. The piece purposely does not mention either the Ukraine or Russia, preferring to put this out into the world as a cautionary tale.

United Nations International School of Hanoi

The Box

Our student-driven ensemble piece takes a deep dive into the effects of spatial, physical, and emotional detachment on individual and group identities. Bridging together individual stories through intertextual mediums, the piece aims to encourage us all to reconnect with ourselves, our community, our surroundings, and the world at large.

Brent International School Manila

Disconnect to Connect

Is an eye opener for those people who forget to connect to people. Sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect. Look up from this digital world where are heard but not seen. We type and don’t talk. We spend hours together without eye contact. Look up and shut down that phone and live life the real way. Take in your surroundings. Just one real connection is all that it takes to show that being there can make.